Black Dog Platinum XL 750w LED Grow Light (Universal Series) Review

Rated as one of the most effective all 5w watt LED grow lights available, the Black Dog Platinum XL 750w LED Grow Light is a favorite among people who grow their plants indoors. This LED grow light draws 750W from your wall and gives you up to 1500 true watts of LED power. This is to ensure that you have the right power and light intensity that is needed for incredible growth.

Black Dog Platinum XL 750w LED Grow Light


The first thing that you’ll notice with the Black Dog Platinum XL 750w LED Grow Light is that it has a sturdy, square body that is specially made to be efficient and dissipate heat effectively. You can expect that things are going to get hot with the massive amount of power this panel can output, so it’s crucial to have an excellent cooling system.

Apart from the sturdy and well ventilated body, the Black Dog Platinum XL 750w LED Grow Light comes equipped with a few diffferent high velocity fans to ensure proper air circulation within the internal circuits and heatsinks. The fans were specifically developed to run with little noise or vibration. most grow lights have the ability to produce a lot of heat, the Black Dog is encased in a deep housing designed to promote proper thermal dissipation.

The Black Dog Platinum XL 750w LED Grow Light has high output 5w LEDs to ensure that your crop gets maximum exposure to the most beneficial spectrum of light. The exclusive spectrum was created to provide maximum results for plants in both flowering and vegetative stages. Through years of research and expert input, it has been perfected to provide the ideal amount of light at the intensity you need for large harvests.

One of the things that make the Black Dog Platinum XL 750w LED Grow Light stand out above others is the light spectrum produced by the powerful diodes that will grow your plants larger than you might initially expect. Black Dog has revealed that they use a proprietary phyto-genesis spectrum to mimic as closely as they can the natural light that’s best for photosynthesis.

As if that is not enough, Black Dog also incorporates a range of UVA and IR (infrared) diodes to this panel. What this does is provide the right color spectrum that is needed by plants during their flowering and vegging stages. In essence, what this means is that if you will have a much more successful flowering stage with larger fruits, flowers, and veggies than before.

Black Dog Platinum XL 750w LED Grow Light


The shape makes it easy to fit into an existing indoor garden box or grow tent, as these are usually square or rectangle by design. For beginning gardeners, the uniform shape provides a simple element to design the construction plans around.

Black Dog LEDs are a much healthier choice when compared to other available grow lights, as this company guarantees the LEDs to be mercury free. So when you purchase, you have peace of mind that you are not bringing toxins into your home or growing environment that can have detrimental effects.

We briefly mentioned that the Black Dog Platinum XL 750w LED Grow Light is built in a square shape to ensure uniform distribution of light to a larger area. To expand on this, this light is built in such a way to have a much larger coverage. It’s designed to reach up to 7 feet by 7 feet for a vegetative garden and 4.5 feet by 4.5 feet for a flowering garden. These measurements are determined largely by how high you have your light from the canopy of the plants.

Black Dog Platinum XL 750w LED Grow Light


Talking about raising and hanging this grow light, it’s very important that you have a sturdy tent or structure for this. This LED grow light weighs about 47 pounds and is quite hefty to say the least. This amount of weight has the ability to make your tent or indoor garden come down if it is not built to handle this range of weight.

One of its main drawbacks is the amount of heat that it gives out. A lot of those who have purchased and reviewed said that it runs hotter than most other LED grow lights. Although this panel comes with a properly ventilated design and a ventilation fan system, remember to ventilate your tent or indoor garden properly to ensure proper cooling and heat dissipation.


The Black Dog Platinum XL 750w LED Grow Light can and should be purchased from Currently, there are a few reviews for this LED grow light with most of them touching on the moderate power consumption. Remember that we said it draws 750 watts from your wall connection, but is rated to output the power of 1500 watts, therefore saving you quite a lot of power while still providing incredible results with massive yields.

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