Advanced Platinum Series P4-XML2 380w Grow Light Review

LED grow lights have just about become the gold standard for high performance and economic power consumption. To the point where you wouldn’t have the option of producing the same intensity and spectrum of light with the same total cost of ownership.

Even hobbyists and professionals who create their own grow lights, and growing environments from scratch, are impressed with the ease of use and safety features provided by many of them. That on top of the cost savings in time and materials makes them worth every penny.

In this review, we’re going to be covering every aspect and quality including appearance and durability in order to determine the Advanced Platinum Series P4-XML2 380w Grow Light true value.

Advanced Platinum Series P4-XML2 380w Grow Light

As important as it is to find the appropriate grow light for the size of your environment, it’s equally essential to discern which ones will provide the most sustenance to whatever you happen to be growing. Thus versatility and flexibility will be given special attention as well.

With all of the inherent benefits of using LED grow lights over less powerful, more costly, or more dangerous options, we’re going to provide a detail analysis on each quality to determine what makes this grow light unique and effective.

Among its most useful and problem solving features, the P4-XML2 Grow Light provides the following:

Superior LED Lights for Output Quality and Energy Savings

No matter the growing environment you’re using, it’s beneficial to use a growing light that creates as much quality exposure as possible, with the option of adjusting power consumption. Since vegetation thrives on the radiation of natural light like the sun, the PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) and lumen output is intrinsically linked to the intensity and coverage of light.

This grow light utilizes advanced LEDs that produce greater PAR/lumen output per watt than any other LED on the market. The four integrated arrays designed into circular shaped clusters each feature two CREE SM-L2 10 watt booster LEDs, and if you’re unfamiliar with CREE they’re a leading LED manufacturer of LED bulbs, LED lights, LED components and more.

In fact, Inc. Magazine named them one of the most innovative startups of 2015 for their proprietary bulbs. The ones used in this grow light help increase light intensity and coverage while reducing power consumption. 3 watt Bridgelux LED bulbs are used throughout the rest of each array to provide extra needed light and create a fuller light spectrum as well.

The complete value of each array in terms of LEDs is that using PlatinumLED technology produces greater usable light than their competition, including HPS grow lights, and LED leaders – to where 100% of the light produced can be absorbed by chlorophyll.

12 Band Spectral Output

The LED bulbs themselves have a huge impact on light quality for your plants, and as you’ll find out the lenses do as well. However, plants still require a full spectrum of light for optimum yield.

The high quality, efficient LED bulbs are complemented by high intensity drivers in this grow light to provide optimum intensity with less power consumption and heat.

At the same time, the PlatinumLED arrays are designed to provide a 12 band spectrum that blends each band of the complete light spectrum including the lowest frequency UV light to the highest frequency infrared light. The result is a more comprehensive production of light combined with LED bulbs’ individual power, which generates more intensity as well.

As with every other component in this grow light, the diodes used in the ultra-high intensity drivers are made in the US and are guaranteed to be Zener protected. This means much less chance of experiencing any line surges.

Large Coverage Area and Advanced Lens Technology

The previous mentioned features are enough to impress any indoor growing expert on their own. However, the lenses are critical to any grow lights overall performance as well.

The Advanced Platinum Series P4-XML2 380w Grow Light is supplied with a lens focusing system which is easy to install. They sit as a complete unit over each of the four LED arrays, but they’re fine-tuned to provide maximum performance for each individual bulb.

For starters, 90 degree focusing lenses are molded into each entire cluster within the lens system. This captures and enhances the light produced by each 3 watt Bridgelux LED bulb.

In order to disperse the two 10 watt CREE LED booster bulbs for each array, each lens cluster is also fitted with 120 degree convex focusing lenses. They are precisely targeted with the overall effect of the system being greater penetration, coverage, and mixing of light.

As you know, the LED arrays are actually the highest performing on the market with lower power consumption than you’d expect. The fact that they produce 100% usable light increases the lens system’s effectiveness exponentially.

Customizable Performance Features for Added Flexibility

Every grow environment is bound to have unique demands and requirements. For this reason, the option of customizing your grow light for power, and efficiency, plays a great role in determining its value. The Platinum Series P4-XML2 is rated for a 3 x 3 feet core/bloom coverage up to a height of 18 inches, as well as a max/veg coverage of 4 x 4 feet at the same height. However, it’s capable of so much more.

Advanced Platinum Series P4-XML2 380w Grow Light

You’re given the option of using one of three optimized light modes for veg, bloom, and boost – which is important for the health and yield of your plants. Each of the three modes also allow you to precisely adjust the amount of full spectrum output during use. This way whether you’re at the seed, or harvesting stage, you’re using the exact appropriate amount of light.

The boost mode is used to provide additional lighting if your indoor garden demands it at any time,. It is also bright enough to provide visible light when you’re working in your garden.

Safety and Power Consumption

At this point, it’s worth mentioning safety because an exceptionally hot grow light, like you’d expect with something comparably powerful to the P4-XML2 can lead to serious equipment damage, and even fire hazards.

The quality of safety is fully provided for with this grow light. Although it weighs in at a heavy 22 pounds, it has a low power requirement of 93, 180 and 232 watts for the veg, bloom and boost modes respectively. This is quite low for its class.

In terms of power options, the P4-XML2 380w Grow Light is very easy to use as it’s compatible with all international cord types, as well as AC85 volt to 260 volt power sources.

As you know, the drivers and LED bulbs require very little power for the performance that they provide. However, the drivers actively detect and analyze the voltage supply in order to optimally deliver the exact amount of watts required.

Overall Durability and Quality Guarantees

The lifespan of any grow light will in a large way determine its total cost of ownership. Replacing broken bulbs can mean expensive, and time consuming repairs, and even temporary loss of service.

Advanced Platinum Series P4-XML2 380w Grow Light

The P4-MXL2 is rated for either 100,000 hours of continuous use or between 8 and 10 years. That is an exceptionally long time before having to replace any component of your grow light.

Nothing speaks louder about the confidence of a company in any product that they offer than the warranties provided, because if they don’t deliver they’ll quickly be out of business.

This grow light is offered with an enormous 5 year warranty, protecting you against any and all defects in workmanship or materials. It even goes beyond this by providing free shipping in order to replace any component as speedily as possible.

As with any technical product, especially ones that require specific fine tuning and precise performance for the well-being of your plants, customer service is always appreciated. PlatimumLED Grow Lights provide access to customers seven days a week.

You’re given the option of calling via their toll free number or simply messaging in your questions, comments and concerns. All of this with the promise of timely, considerate and professional responses.

They’re so convinced that you’ll love their product that they give you 90 days to test it out and return it for a full refund.


No effective grow light is cheap, and if you’re looking for the best performance, ease of use, durability and safety you’re likely going to spend considerably more than the cost of the Advanced Platinum Series P4-XML2 380w Grow Light.

Advanced Platinum Series P4-XML2 380w Grow Light

While its appearance is pretty basic and the size is not as cut down and compact as it could possibly be, it delivers exceptionally well with superior performance within its class, and even some of the more expensive options.

The low power consumption and consistency of light make it an affordable and valuable option to bundled multiple grow lights together for a multiplied effect as well.

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