Apache Tech AT600 White and Red LED Grow Light Review

When searching around for the ideal LED grow light to spend your hard earned money on, it can be very difficult to determine which one is the best you can possibly buy. The truth of the matter is, depending on your growing scenario or situation, you may be tempted to buy cheap/inexpensive panels that promise results, but don’t have the proof to back it up. One that does have proof is the AT600 that’s made by Apache Tech. It’s truly one of the most efficient and best performing choices currently on the market.

Apache Tech AT600 White and Red LED Grow Light

Apache Tech is a company that’s successfully designed and developed LED grow lights specifically for NASA. Their largest and most expensive panel is their AT600 White and Red LED Grow Light. Everything about it has been meticulously designed in order to produce the highest yields, best growth, and healthiest plants. Although the price tag may seem a bit high, there’s good reason for that.

Apache Tech AT600 White and Red LED Grow Light

Footprint and Coverage

The Apache Tech AT600 provides an exceptional footprint that exceeds a 4′ x 4′ area. In fact, it produces a higher PAR output that exceeds that of a 1000 watt HID. With that being said, it can be used to produce better results than any HID setup currently out there. Although it’s ideal for a 4′ x 4′ area, we’ve seen growers use it in a 5′ x 5′ area with fantastic results.

at600 par chart


The color spectrum is an important detail that should always be looked over in close detail before you purchase your chosen LED panel. The AT600 was designed as a direct replacement for a 1000 watt HID, so Apache Tech decided to use a patented color spectrum that combines a unique blend of red and white lights. There are rows of multi-spectrum white lights, paired with rows of enhanced red lights. This provides amazing flowering and profound vegetative growth.

Apache Tech AT600 White and Red LED Grow Light

High Quality

Apache Tech makes all of their LED grow lights in the USA. Every one of their panels are UL approved, in fact, there are no other agricultural LED panels that have this seal of approval. It assures quality has been put into the design and manufacturing process, since a UL approval is not only costly, but very difficult to acquire for some companies. Additionally, their products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty to give consumers rest assurance that it won’t fail or discontinue working.

Size and Weight

With a fixture that’s so large, it’s important to know if your growing environment can handle it. Whether you’re growing in a greenhouse or a grow tent, the weight and size of this panel can be a determining factor. According to Apache Tech, it weighs 65 lbs. and measures 29″ x 24″ x 5″ in it’s dimensions. Although it’s quite large and heavy, the trade off is well worth it, considering the incredible fruits, veggies, and flowers this bad boy produces.

Apache Tech AT600 White and Red LED Grow Light

Energy Consumption

Most manufacturers rate their grow lights in a scale of wattage with the assumption that more watts equals a better light. This isn’t totally true though, since the measurement of wattage is simply energy used from the outlet, not energy used from the plants themselves. The AT600 uses a total of 742 watts from the wall – this includes power for the internal cooling fans, all of the diodes, power supplies, and other components that are required to operate while in use. But even so, it uses approximately 300 less watts than your typical metal halide or high pressure sodium setup, AND generates much less heat in the process. Additionally, it’s rated for a 50,000 hour lifespan, so you can expect years of continual harvests without a single hiccup.

Apache Tech AT600 White and Red LED Grow Light

Potentional Downsides

With every good thing, there is always some bad things. This holds true with the Apache Tech AT600. One thing that we don’t like about this panel is the price. In fact, the price is seriously expensive at $2499, but the truth is – if you have the budget, you won’t regret it. Another thing we don’t like is that it’s not modular or customizable. For example, using 4 smaller panels in the same space may be a better choice if you’re looking to spread the light out better and stay away from the risk of the whole panel failing if one section or diode burns out. Although it’s covered by a limited lifetime warranty, it would be a huge inconvenience if you had to send it back to get covered under their warranty.

Unboxing the AT600

Checkout this video we found of a grower who was happy to make a lengthy video that shows the unboxing of one of these impressive AT600 lights.

Overall Thoughts

There is simply no debating, the Apache Tech AT600 White and Red LED Grow Light provides fantastic results for growers who are serious about their crop. Although quite expensive, it’s a great investment for those looking to fill up their space with QUALITY led grow lights that won’t dissapoint. It’s large, powerful, and an excellent choice for anyone looking for the holy grail of LED grow lights. Overall, we wouldn’t hesitate to buy it if it was in our budget.

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