RoleadRo COB LED Grow Light Review

When selecting an LED for your indoor growing room, there are a lot of factors to initially consider. You’ll need to set your expectations and goals regarding the quantity and quality of your final yield and choose the appropriate LED grow light that’s going to get you there. Often times, many growers have a preconceived notion about LEDs and think that they’re all ridiculously expensive and/or even overpriced. While it’s true that some are, it’s not a fair general statement. Take the Roleadro COB Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for example. Priced considerably lower than most, this fixture seems to offer a lot in the way of features and performance, all while incorporating some of the latest LED growing technologies.

RoleadRo COB LED Grow Light

Available in a variety of sizes, from 200 watts to 1800 watts, there seems to be a RoleadRo LED grow light for any sized garden. We recently got our hands on the 400 watt version and had a great time testing it out and figuring out how it performed. Needless to say, it excelled our expectations and delivered some incredibly potent, super quality yields.

When new LED growers get into it for the first time, there is something that needs to be realized. LEDs may not always produce the same huge yields as a traditional 1000 watt HID setup, but the quality of the harvest is always top notch when you grow with the right spectrum. Where a high pressure sodium light may deliver a majority of light in the red or orange range, the RoleadRo COB fixtures deliver a wide range spectrum to make sure that all of the plants requirements are tailored to perfection. This full and balanced spectrum is a blend of 630nm, 640nm, 660nm, 440nm, 460nm, 470nm, 525nm, 730nm, and 610nm.

RoleadRo COB LED Grow Light

The RoleadRo COB LED Grow Lights utilize integrated COB (chip on board) technology with 3 watt Epiled chips. COBs bring out the best color uniformity and luminous effects on the garden so that the absorption of light is much greater which gives an added boost to the total efficiency of the fixture. These 3 watt chips are never ran at a maximum load. If they were, they’d burn out after only a few hours of use.

RoleadRo COB LED Grow Light

In addition to the COBs, they’re paired with a 90 degree reflector cup that delivers a maximized output and fully blended pattern of light so that the energy the fixture uses is never wasted. The reflector provides an ideal angle to make the most out of the light that’s being emitted.

To assure additional quality and longevity, RoleadRo designed each of their COBs to operate with their very own driver. Every COB has an isolated driver so that in the unforseen event that one fails, the others will still function. This gives each driver less of a workload and dedication to each COB, therefore boosting performance since no driver is ever over loaded.

RoleadRo COB 1800w


As with any electronic device that’s operating for several consecutive hours, there needs to be adequate cooling and ventilation in place. RoleadRo designed their fixtures with large internal heatsinks that properly dissipates heat from the chips. These heatsinks carry a unique sunflower radiator design that assure no hot spots and bring in a whole new level of efficient heat dissipation. Each one of these heatsinks are cooled with the assistance of a high quality ball bearing fan that’s constantly spinning when the panel is turned on. This is a typical cooling strategy that most LED manufacturers incorporate into their designs. It works well and seems to keep the fixture cool when operating for long periods of the day.

RoleadRo COB LED Grow Light

RoleadRo Quality

Although RoleadRo is a brand that’s priced much lower than industrial grade LED panels like Apache Tech and BML Horticulture, they still want to assure quality to their customers all while providing budget-friendly options for small to mid-size hobby-grade growers. They’ve performed thousands of strict tests in their own laboratory to make certain that the integrated COB technologies that they use with their panels are built for lasting performance. There’s quality assurance in place on all levels so that there are significantly less warranty issues than most Chinese companies.

RoleadRo COB LED Grow Light


Since LED grow lights are an expensive investment for most, it’s important to buy fixtures that are protected by some sort of warranty or guarantee. Each light that RoleadRo sells is covered by a 24 month warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the performance of whichever fixture you purchase from them. If there happens to be an issue, customer service will send you parts and accessories if need be. If for some reason the issue is much larger, they’ll even send you a brand new fixture for a total replacement.

Final Thoughts

Growing with LEDs can be a very expensive endeavour that can require a hefty initial investment for some. Depending on your needs and desires, you’ll likely find a RoleadRo COB LED Grow Light that’s appropriate for your scenario. Utilizing the latest quality control with a superb build that contains 90 degree reflectors, a full and balanced spectrum, sufficient cooling, and lightweight versatility, these LED grow lights are an excellent choice that pair low price with quality craftsmanship. Although they’re built in China, they carry the same quality standards as most lamps we’ve seen that are USA built. Great job to RoleadRo for producing and making available a high quality, inexpensive fixture that’s built for great yields.

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