Apache Tech AT600 LED Grow Light Review

If you’ve been growing plants for a while and you’re considering investing in a serious LED light that will last you over the long run, there are a few standout lights you should consider and the AT600 by Apache Tech is one of them. LED grow lights are the cause of a lot of debate for growers because they provide exactly the type of light your plant needs for its flowering/growth stages in addition to specifically adjustable wavelengths.

Apache Tech AT600

The standard for most growers who got started a few years ago was strong T5 lightning for the vegging and HPS for the flowering stage. One of the best ways to transition into the future is to start off with a quality LED light because not only will it help you save money but it will also change your perspective on the whole growth process. The AT600 remains cool most of the time so you won’t have to put the fans to work and it’s beyond efficient hence although far from cheap initially it basically pays for itself long term.

There are a few pressing issues you’ll have to address when starting out, especially if you’re a new grower – what are the sizes of the plants you’re growing, how much room you have as well as your overall budget. It might not make sense spending this much money on a grow light if you’re not sure what you’re after so the AT600 is definitely not for beginners.

The AT600 has two main styles: The standard AT600 and the AT600L. Both of these were designed for plant growth in closed off/controlled environments and the main difference between the two is that the classic is longer. It was also designed to fit below an L-beam which in turn helps put boundaries in terms of blocked out sunlight. If you’re still using an HID system now might be the time to make that transition.

Apache Tech AT600

Main features that justify the price tag for the AT600:

  • If you compare it to your average HPS spectrum, you’ll notice the 3:2 and 4:1 ratio is very similar. What this basically ensures is that you’ll have optimal lights for flowering but it also makes a decent alternative for vegetative growth in any garden environment.
  • In terms of vegetative growth, the white LED on it on it has a CRI index comparable to standard metal halide lamps.
  • As mentioned, the 4:1 red & blue ratio is something you need to ensure optimal growth cycles. If you plan on growing more than one crop, you can basically expect to achieve higher yields as well as an increase during the flowering stage.
  • You couldn’t do better in terms of raw quality. Similar high end LED lights within the price range don’t offer as much PAR and the AT600 was initially developed for NASA, then used at Stanford for university lectures.

Very Heat Efficient

One of the reasons why you’ll want to pay that initial cost is that there’s an extremely low heat signature combined with a high light output. This means that you’ll save up to 70-80% compared to HID lighting systems while increasing your yields.

Lengthy Average Lifespan

The folks at Apache Tech guarantee you’ll see at least 50,000 hours of usage. This seems to be an industry standard on the high end but it basically translates to a minimum of 6 years, ensured by the thick aluminum heat sink cover.

Apache Tech AT600

Exceptional PAR

Exactly where you need it the most and the technology of it is patented hence you know you’re dealing with a serious manufacturer.

apache tech led par chart

Versatile, Rugged Design

They really paid attention to durability and covered the interior with aluminum housing while simultaneously making it compact enough to fit anywhere. Now, if you want to grow in a very large space it might make sense to purchase a few of these.

Apache Tech AT600

One major advantage to its long term is that you won’t ever have to replace any diodes or bulbs. This was basically standard practice with outdated lightning setups and if you’re making the transition you might as well go all the way with a quality setup instead of settling for something cheaper but less reliable.

The Final Verdict

We truly believe that the Apache Tech AT600 LED Grow Light is one of the best fixtures you can get your hands on. Although it’s a bit hard having to rationalize spending that much money on an LED grow light, once you consider the year-round heat savings and longevity/flexibility this technology offers, it’s pretty much the only setup for the sensible. Additionally your plants will rely on high end technology typically reserved for university or NASA research so there’s very little that could go wrong with your decision.

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