Method Seven Operator LED Grow Room Glasses Review

Working and even visiting a grow room can be difficult without the proper eye protection. The high intensity and color of lights can seriously strain, confuse, and even damage your visual eye sight.

Finding a quality pair of glasses that offers effective protection can be just as difficult. LEDs often emit a different type of light that can be more much more intense and vibrant than you’re used to, along with a plethora of other lighting conditions that can make it hard to see.

Method Seven Operator LED Grow Room Glasses

Doing gardening work in the dark isn’t an option, because you need to be able to see, and you can’t really turn off grow lighting as you choose, because plants require specific lighting times, and a full spectrum of light in order to thrive. You also need the kind of clarity that will allow you to differentiate different colors comfortably, as well as protect your eyes from temporary and even permanent damage from prolonged exposure to such intense light.

The Method Seven Operator LED Grow Room Glasses provide a nice set of features that, no matter the grow environment you’re working in, give you optimal optic clarity and eye safety. We’re going to cover each feature of them in depth to find out whether these LED grow room glasses meet a professional standard of quality and solve each of these problems effectively.

Designed for LED Grow Light Environments

If you’ve ever worked in or been exposed to a commercial grow room, you’ve probably squinted while noticing a magenta colored hue of light, which can be very harsh and difficult to deal with.

The Method Seven Operator grow room glasses fully account for this by blocking this harmful and distracting light from your vision, providing much more clarity than your standard pair of sunglasses.They also account for the whole spectrum of colors, which at high intensity make it incredibly difficult to focus your eyes, by using readjustment technology within the glasses to create a balanced soft white effect that’s pleasant to your eyes.

Professionally Engineered Lenses with Total Eye Protection

Aside from the different colors with varying levels of high intensity that your eyes are being exposed to in a commercial grow room, you’re also potentially dealing with high levels of UVA, UVB, UVC and infrared radiation, which can lead to a variety of permanent eye conditions.

Method Seven Operator LED Grow Room Glasses

These invisible wavelengths can lead to dulled perception of colors (color blindness), cataracts and deterioration of your ability to see in the dark, which all can be solved with a pair of effective grow room glasses before these issues take place. The Method Seven Operator Carl Zeiss vision lenses have been developed and tested to protect your eyes from all three of these different wavelengths’ radiation.

Balances and Clarifies Full Spectrum of Colors

When your eyes are overexposed to any one color, or a variety of colors, your brain begins to interpret colors incorrectly, giving you an inaccurate read of the colors in your grow room. This makes pH testing, nutrient feeding, watering, and other tasks especially difficult, since you need precise readings in order to respond appropriately.

Method Seven Operator LED Grow Room Glasses

It also takes a heavy toll on your brain, making working in a grow room for long hours or even simple tasks a strain and a headache. Even when you get used to it, you notice it’s having a negative effect because your super bright LEDs now seem dimmer.

The Method Seven Operator LED grow room glasses make it possible to do pH tests and other precise actions effectively. Giving you the ability to see the fine details that indicate the health and vibrancy of your plants, which relies on this level of accuracy for many reasons.

Method Seven Operator LED Grow Room Glasses

Many insects and other pests that can accumulate on your plants can be invisible to you without the proper color balancing and light, and missing them can lead to serious damage to your garden. There are also issues such as mineral deficiencies and excesses, symptoms of disease, rot and mildews that require a precise, relaxed and concentrated eye.

Pros and Cons

Since you need to completely cover the visual range of your eyes, the Method Seven Operators fit very close to both of your eyes, which limits your use if you wear prescription glasses as well. This can be corrected by wearing contact lenses instead.

Method Seven Operator LED Grow Room Glasses

The design is given a generous benefit by the Carl Zeiss vision lenses that are uniquely designed to deal with LED lighting. Some of the best and most expensive glasses on the market incorporate Carl Zeiss lenses to assure the best vision possible.

They’re also specially designed to specifically block out colors that have the highest intensity. There are the most commonly used kinds of lighting within a high intensity LED grow room environment.

Although they’re a very comfortable fit and work almost miraculously, to some they aren’t going to seem very durable if you sit on them or otherwise cause them undue stress. They also come with a care and maintenance pack with a lens wipe and case for greater comfort, so an issue like this can be avoided.

While the Method Seven Operators do provide full protection in LED grow rooms over long periods of time, depending on your viewing angle, you may experience some diffraction of light when looking at reflective objects.

Method Seven Operator LED Grow Room Glasses

Final Thoughts

Even small grow rooms with comparably softer lighting than commercial grow rooms can be very bright, damaging and stressful environments to work in. Combine that with the oncoming wave of superior LED lighting, and you need a solution that provides quality protection.

It’s also important that you can work effectively, being able to see every little detail to make precise decisions on how to feed, water and cultivate your plants. This is only possible when you have grow room glasses like the Method Seven Operators.

There may be more durable LED grow room glasses on the market, but many of them don’t have professionally engineered lenses that provide the type of color balancing you need.

Method Seven Operator LED Grow Room Glasses

It’s obvious that it’s a bad idea to go without the proper protection – especially over prolonged exposure to this type of work environment, due to the permanent conditions that can occur. The Method Seven Operators provide a reliable solution for that.

There will probably be advancements made in the LED grow room glasses market, but with a company like Method Seven, you’re right on the leading edge of this technology and are likely to see great improvement over the years.

The real benefit to these is complete eye protection without strain, and still attaining a great amount of light to see what you’re doing. They don’t balance every color arrangement perfectly, however they are much safer and easier to see with than other grow room glasses that provide similar color balancing.

Overall, the Method Seven Operator Grow Room Glasses will work for you over the long term, not only to provide greater mental clarity and ease, but also to do a better job in your grow room to create healthy, vibrant plants.

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