Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180W LED Grow Light Review

When searching and trying to figure out which LED grow light is worth spending your hard earned money on, you may have come across the Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180W LED Grow Light. It’s an affordable and highly reviewed led grow light that’s suitable for all stages of growth – from seedling, clones, vegging, and flowering. Nowadays, more and more people are switching over to LED after putting away fluorescent, metal halide, or high pressure sodium lighting. We’ve been receiving a lot of inquires about this specific lamp, so we’ve decided to research it a bit more and review what it has to offer indoor horticulturists.

Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180W LED Grow Light

Size and Measurements

The GL60LED 180W LED Grow Light by Appolo is a small and space-saving lamp that is perfect for small scale grows, or those who are just getting into LED growing for the very first time. It measures 10.5 inches in diamter, and weighs just around 5 lbs. This small size makes it more discreet, unobtrusive, and better fitting into most indoor greenhouses and grow tents.

Cool Operation

Internally, there’s a cooling fan in additional to several heatsinks to properly dissipate heat. Any unforseen heat issues are a thing of the past since this lamp runs incredibly cool. With a working temperature range from 0 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit, the Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180W LED Grow Light doesn’t require any additional cooling setup like a cool tube or independent exhaust fan.

Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180W LED Grow Light


Knowing the coverage of your LED grow light is essential if you want to know what it’s capable of. In the vegetative, seedling, and cloning stages, this panel has about 5 square feet or 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet. When flowering with it, you’ll need a bit more intensity so it’s important to know that the flowering coverage is roughly 4 square feet or 2 feet by 2 feet. It’s best to keep it around 15 to 20 inches away from the canopy of your plants, but experimentation and a bit of trial and error is necessary for some gardens, depending on the kind of plants you’re trying to grow.

Included Accessories

Included are several additional accessories that work well to get this lamp up and running in no time. A hanging kit, power cord, and detailed instruction pamphlet can be found within the box when you open it up. The hanging kit offers a quick and adjustable way to raise and lower the lamp when you’ve installed it in your garden. The power cord is roughly 4 feet in length, so you may need to purchase an additional extension cord if you need a longer reach to the outlet.

Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180W LED Grow Light


Comprised of 60 x 3 watt Epistar chips, the Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180W LED Grow Light is rated to have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours. This is comprable to most other LED panels currently on the market. They list is as a 180 watt panel, but it should be noted that it only draws 109 watts of actual power from the wall outlet.

Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180W LED Grow Light


It’s been said that cheap or inexpensive LED grow lights simply don’t last as long as more expensive ones. This could be somewhat true if you look at the statistics, but those aren’t available so we can only assume. Being that the GL60LED180W is one of the least expensive on the market, many people preemptively assume that it’s of poor quality. Apollo Horticulture packages it with a 2 year limited warranty that covers the panel from the day you purchase it. It’s nice to see a company standing behind their product by offering a generous warranty of this length. In the unlikely event that it stops functioning correctly within the first 24 months of ownership, simply contact Apollo Horticulture through their website and they’ll arrange what’s needed to fix the situation.


The spectrum is divered into 6 different bands that have been proven universally to be the best fitting for photosynthesis. In the vegetative stage, it uses 430-475nm, 620-630nm, 660nm and White. In the flowering stage, it uses 430-475nm, 620-630nm, 660nm, 730nm and White.

Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180W LED Grow Light

Overall Thoughts

In conclusion, it’s true to say that the Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180W LED Grow Light is one of the most affordable choices currently out there. Although it won’t be suitable for larger scale gardens and green houses, it may be the perfect grow light that many are looking for to use with a small scale grow. Since this panel is backed by a 2 year warranty and backed by numerous positive consumer reviews, it’s the perfect choice for a budget under $150.

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