LumiGrow Pro 650 Review

As a first time serious grower your two main priorities would be to provide the absolute best lighting for your crops and keep the costs to a minimum. The good news is that companies such as LumiGrow are innovating constantly to address these needs and you have plenty of choices based on your budget/individual preferences.

Growers Supply recently teamed up with them and in the case of “650” model you can expect to reduce your electricity bills by at least 50% (they advertise at 70% but it’s not realistic) while simultaneously improving your overall yields – you’ll get all the different variations in lightning/spectra levels for your plant’s needs.

Standout Features Compared To Other LED Grow Lights?

Well, the first thing you should know about the LumiGrow Pro 650 is that it’s part of a “Pro” series so every unit under it can expect up to 50,000 hours of function without any degradation. This is dozens of times lengthier than a regular HID lamp. What we like about this is that we don’t have to shell out extra money for repairs as you go about your business and these also run more than 70% cooler compared to the average HID lamp, effectively decreasing your cooling requirements.

LumiGrow Pro 650

Practical Application – How Good Is It?

When it comes to things that matter most like practical day-to-day usage you can use the 650 for anything from vegetable production to indoor farms and research. Now, the main standout feature beyond being cost efficient is its ability to adjust the output and dim it when growing smaller plants. There is a white only view mode for inspection under white light, three main spectrum channels and the output is definitely among the best – results are comparable to more expensive HID systems.

Our conclusion in terms of what makes the 650 worthy of your time is that you get the benefit of maximizing yields while keeping your total operational costs down to a minimum. There’s plenty of power packed into this one unit and if you contrast the result to even more expensive lighting systems the differences wouldn’t be significant.

LumiGrow Pro 650 Main Features/Advantages Summary:

  • Practical for everything from the smallest of operations to the largest of commercial greenhouses.
  • Compared to a powerful HID light, the 650 will save you at least 50% on energy consumption.
  • 650 W average consumption, 85-264V AC voltage.
  • Was mostly engineered to accommodate the needs of full time growers and scientists who need strong lighting with an output greater than 1000W HID lights.

How Is It Compared To The Pro 325?

There are two main models to the “Pro” Series – the 325 and the 650. The main difference is in overall energy consumption and PAR output so depending on what you need, the less powerful 325 might get you by at half the price. It’s regular consumption is 325 W and compared to a 1000 W HID light you’ll get 70% savings while with the 650 you can expect 40% savings and it uses 650 W. Strictly in terms of red and blue PAR output, the 650 outshines 1000 W HID lights and the 325 by a landslide. Both models were designed for use in greenhouses and agriculture.

LumiGrow Pro 650

One feature both pro models have in common is the adjustable balance knob(s) for red, white and blue balance. This provides full control over the spectrum thus there is plenty of room for experiment. It can be used outside the United States as well because the auto-switching “Smart Volt” and power supply is adjustable. All parts contain absolutely no harmful mercury/lead and they’re RoHS compliant. Upgrading makes sense if you’re trying to maximize your production while bringing your costs down to a minimum.

Downsides To Consider

There is only one major drawback that encircles both “Pro” models and that is your growth process will generally be slower compared to HID lightning. It will take longer for you to start picking your vegetables.

LumiGrow Pro 650

Final Thoughts

The LumiGrow Pro 650 is a complete system that changed the lightning industry for good and it’s specifically designed for scientists/growers that are in need of a greater PAR output, want to keep their energy demands low and upgrade from outdated 1000 W HID lights.

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