Advanced Platinum Series P150 150w LED Grow Light Review

If you look into the main LED grow light manufacturers, you’ll notice most of them are trying to innovate and make changes by the year thus it’s harder to figure out whether you should invest right now or wait it out for something better. The main differences are still basic things like design and price so it shouldn’t be hard for you to navigate your way around the different options – a few hours of research at most.

Advanced Platinum Series P150 150w LED Grow Light

Now, if you’re just starting out and you have virtually no experience there are a few companies you should be looking into and Advanced LED is one of them. It’s hands down among the most active and advertised manufacturers on the market (if you’ve researched LED lights they come out on top). Their Diamond series is hands down their best one and a great choice if you have the money to spend but most of their products just work when it comes to practical day to day usage and durability. They’re also known for offering a fairly reliable customer service and you’ll appreciate that if you ever get stuck at a problem and have no one to help you out.

How Does This Light Stand Out?

The common denominator between Advanced Platinum series products is that they feel very rugged in a way but also bright – the overall spectrum is great at matching with the absorption spectrum your plant needs to ensure optimum growth. Every way you look at it, it’s a top notch light.

One of the main advantages to switching to LED and doing so using Advanced Platinum products is that they’re a great replacement to HPS lighting – the Advanced Platinum Series P150 in particular you can expect to consume half the power, produce less heat and do so efficiently. Compared to a 250 W. HPS light you’ll be consuming less than 100 watts with the P150.

It’s easy to tune the brightness and it’s a generally usable light, perfect for achieving a desirable photosynthesis response. All throughout the “Platinum” series, these lights basically offer 11 different bands that stretch from the depths of UV to the upper IR. This is that full natural spectrum your plant needs and as soon as you combine that with a 90° secondary focusing lens, the output results in something amazing. LED lights are the way of the future and in the case of P150, it feels like a mix between those futuristic lights we’re yet to see and the basic functionality of HID lights – basically somewhere in the middle.

Advanced Platinum Series P150 150w LED Grow Light

Dual Light Spectrum

Adding to that, the P150 Platinum light includes a dual light spectrum so you have everything you need for vegetative growth and flowering. If you take a standard 2′ x 2′ area, all you’ll wind up using is about 50 W. to offer your plants the best of lightning. It’s then easy to boost it up to its full capacity depending on what you need as well as modify the spectrum.

As mentioned earlier, starting out with Advanced Platinum series is great because Advanced offers quality customer service and it could hardly get better if you’re new. We really liked that they offer a 90 day return policy which is more than enough to get your hands in the mud and see if it’s the right choice for you. They also combined that with a 5 year warranty on all products. This is practically unheard of in the LED grow light community and it shows just how much they care about the quality of their equipment/customers.

Are There Cheaper, Comparable Options?

The answer to the first one is yes – you’ll find LED lights out there that are cheaper. The downside to that is that you can’t expect a comparable performance and if something happens to your light you can’t do anything about it. A lot of these companies are deceptive with their marketing and you might wind up on a call center somewhere in Asia. If you’re just trying to enjoy growing vegetables, this is too much hassle hence it’s worth the extra investment.

Advanced Platinum Series P150 150w LED Grow Light

The bottom line is that you’ll be getting a top notch futuristic LED light for a mid range price as well as the longest warranty you could think of, not to mention really good customer service. Your other two options are to go for a more expensive or cheaper model – the former will most likely come with a shorter warranty and the latter is just not as comparable in terms of performance.

For now we’re very impressed with the results we’ve been getting and from the minute you unpack this light it feels like they paid lots of attention to detail. We highly recommend the Advanced Platinum Series P150 to people who are novice growers and trying to make their way around grow lights. One last thing though, you shouldn’t think they don’t work when turned on at first because UV spectrum lights are invisible to the naked eye.

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