Heliospectra E60 LED Grow Light Review

As growers, we’re always looking out for the best technology to make our garden happy and healthy. From the plants you choose to grow to the lights you plan on growing them with, a lot of time and preparation goes into a successful harvest. However, most would agree that the light you select is the most important factor in your indoor growing environment.

Even just a few years ago, it was the default assumption to choose a 1000 watt HID if you wanted to see any kind of quality harvest. Times have changed and so have the best grow lights for indoor growing. The future is in LED and the amazing potency, mass, and overall nourishment they can bring to your garden is a true reason to select and LED over any HID setup. However, it can be a tricky task to select the right LED grow light to get the results you desire.

heliospectra e60 led grow light

Heliospectra has long been known for creating some of the most innovative and cutting edge LED grow lights on the market. Their latest release, the E60 is a fantastic high intensity LED grow light that’s ready to blow any 1000 watt HID out of the way. Provided within it is some of the most exciting features we’ve ever seen. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Technical Specifications

  • Number of Diodes: 240
  • Power Consumption: 630 watts
  • Size: 16.7″ × 8.6″ × 7.8″ (425 × 219 × 199 mm)
  • Weight: 17.6 lbs. (8 kg)
  • Footprint: 8.2 feet x 8.2 feet (2500 mm x 2500 mm)
  • Certifications: MET, CE, RoHS, REACH, EN55015
  • Warranty Period: 2 years (24 months)
  • Lifespan 50,000 hours

Light Spectrum

The Heliospectra E60 contains a fixed spectrum that has been fully created and tested to promote the best photosynthesis possible. Within the spectrum is a wealth of high red colors in the 600 to 700 nanometer range. This is accompanied by blue light in the 400 to 500 nanometer range, and followed by a blend of green light in the 500 to 600 nanometer range.

Within every Heliospectra light, including the E60, they make sure that the intensity of the wavelengths is exactly like the sunlight you’d find in mother nature. The spectral range of 400 to 735 nanometers is on par with the action spectrum of photosynthesis and the important photomorphological receptors.

heliospectra e60 spectrum

The G Plate

Equipped within the E60 is something that they call the “G” plate. It’s Heliospectra’s fine tuned blend of spectrum that works just as well with vegging crops as it does with flowering crops. This way, you know for sure that your light will be adequate for unmatched performance with all stages of plant growth and development – from seed or clone to harvest. The “G” plate technology is something they’ve developed over the last 9 years since they were founded in 2006.

Growing Coverage (Footprint)

With any grow light that you purchase, you should have a clear understanding of what kind of area it’s capable of producing effective light to. The E60 uses secondary optical lenses to cover a massive 8.2 feet x 8.2 feet (2.5 meters x 2.5 meters) of growing area when suspended 6.5 feet (2 meters) above the gardens canopy.

This footprint is absolutely fantastic. A 1000 watt HID won’t even effectively cover this much space, and neither will any LED we’ve ever reviewed. The massive growing coverage means that growers are able to use less light fixtures in larger spaces, thus making for significant less heat and less of an upfront investment.

Power Consumption

Although the E60 is rated as a 1000 watt HID replacement, the amount of actual power it consumes from the wall outlet is much less. In fact, when powered on and running in full operation, it uses right around 630 watts.

heliospectra e60 led


LED grow lights must be properly designed in order to account for high amounts of heat that can be generated from being turned on for 18+ hours per day. Inside of the E60 is an assortment of active fans with a multitude of heat sinks that properly dissipate heat to keep it from becoming an issue.

Each fan is rated for 70,000 hours, meaning that each one will virtually live forever and constantly keep the fixture in the right temperature range of 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 to 40 degrees Celcius.

Warranty and Lifespan

The E60 is rated for an operational time of around 50,000 hours. In that time, you don’t need to perform any maintenance on the fixture. It’s plug and play and simple to operate. With this kind of lifespan, you can expect several years of consistent growing with excellent harvests.

Heliospectra proudly stands behind all of the grow lights that they make. With the E60, included is a generous 2 year warranty period that covers the equipment and software under normal use. Check out their specific disclaimers and what their equipment and software warranties both entail by visiting their website.

heliospectra e60 led grow light


The Heliospectra E60 LED Grow Light is priced at $999 and is now available for pre-ordering. Although this does require a significant investment for some, the amount of growing coverage and overall value of quality lighting with better efficiency and healthier plants is a good trade-off. Well worth the $999 if truth be told.

Overall Thoughts

Heliospectra has done something special. They’ve managed to create an LED grow light with the largest growing coverage we’ve seen. Typically, most 1000 watt HID replacements cover around 5 x 5 feett of space (at most). Considering that the E60 measures in at just 16.7″ x 8.6″ x 7.8″, it’s quite amazing that it can adequately cover a 8.2 x 8.2 feet space. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to grow with the best technology and make less of an upfront investment to cover their whole indoor garden.

But it’s not just the coverage that we’re impressed by. The spectrum and optics have been ingeniously developed to produce heavy crops with extreme potency, resulting in superb yields. We’ve seen what the Heliospectra lights are capable of doing, the E60 should be able to blow the competition out of the water.

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