Gator Green LED Grow Room Work Light Review

Come winter, many gardeners are moving their plants indoors so their plants can continue to produce yield regardless of the outdoor conditions. Whether you are a seasonal gardener like many, or are simply attracted to the more controlled indoor environment for growing your plants, indoor growing has some great benefits. One problem that indoor growers are often faced with however, is the necessity to simulate day and night. Daylight is easy to simulate, and many use LED grow lights to do so. LED grow lights have made a major resurgence in recent years for several reasons. They are more energy efficient than traditional growing lights, which is a huge plus since you may be used to getting your light for free (from the sun).

However, LED grow lights contain LEDs that emit photosynthetically active light. In other words, if you use these lights during the time your plants are meant to believe it is night time, then your plants will suffer consequences to their health. Even traditional fluorescent bulbs can produce light that will interfere with your plants’ natural day and night cycle.

The Gator Green LED Grow Room Work Light is unique in that the only light type of light it produces is NOT photosynthetically active. This is ideal for when you need to perform any work in your growing space without disturbing your plants. In this review, we will give you a full overview of the features and benefits of the Gator Green LED Grow Room Work Light, so you can decide if you need to invest in a grow room work light.

Gator Green LED

First Glance

The Gator Green Grow Light is reminiscent of a traditional fluorescent light fixture. It is long and slender, measuring 36 inches in length, while only being around 2 inches both wide and tall. It’s extremely powerful, and can crank out light at an output of 4700 lumens. The thin design is ideal for smaller growing spaces and for moving around if needed. The light runs on AC120-240V power, which is compatible with all North American standard wall outlets.

The Gator Green LED has a remarkably low power draw, operating at only 48 watts. It’s equipped with two 6 inch chains mounted on either end of the light fixture by which you can hang the light from the ceiling. Included with the light is an installation hardware kit. The kit includes 2x L-brackets with both screws, and drywall anchors. To install, simply begin by mounting the drywall screws in the ceiling. Then, fasten the L-brackets to the drywall anchors using the included screws. Hang your light from the chain at your desired height and you are ready to get to work under your new work light. A piece of adhesive Velcro is also included, so that the power supply can be fastened to a wall or the ceiling to keep it out of your way while working.

Gator Green LED

Durability & Design

Of course the Gator is green itself both ends of the fixture, with an outline of an alligator cut out in the aluminum. The sleek black exterior adds to the gorgeous design of the light, and also functions to reduce any reflection of photosynthetically active light that may be creeping into your grow room. The light fixture itself looks great and won’t be an eyesore in your growing space, which can be very important for those that like to show off their space. The light itself is mounted within an enclosed aluminum frame. LED light fixtures are typically composed of aluminum for several reasons. Aluminum is lightweight, making any fixture constructed of aluminum easy to install, hang or mount, and move around.

Aluminum is also rust-proof, so aluminum light fixtures can withstand the humid environment of an indoor growing space. As well, the aluminum design will function to decrease any heat produced by the LEDs, allowing you to easily maintain your grow room’s specific temperature. Although light weight, aluminum is still a strong metal and provides very good rigidity and durability to the light fixture.

Gator Green LED

Power & Energy

The Gator Green Work Light produces 4700 lumens of light. A lumen is the unit used to measure the total amount of visible light produced by a light source. A standard LED lamp bulb produces 470 lumens. The Gator Green Work light produces 4700 lumens, which will definitely be enough to fully illuminate your work space. What is even more impressive however, is that the Gator Green Work Light produces 4700 lumens of light while using up only 48 watts of power. Typically, a 500W incandescent bulb will produce around that many lumens. With the Gator Green, you are getting the same number of lumens, while only consuming 10% of the energy than a comparable incandescent light.

Gator Green LED

You’ll definitely save a substantial amount of money on your energy bill with the Gator Green Grow Room Light. The external power supply is UL approved. UL is a safety certification agency that performs safety testing on electrical equipment. When buying electrical equipment such as LED lights, you always want to check that they are certified by a third-party agency to ensure your own safety.

Gator Green LED


The 3 inch LED light mounted in the aluminum frame actually holds 18 separate LEDs. Each LED is rated for 3 watts, and together combine for the output of 4700 lumens. The LEDs are mounted at an angle of 120 degrees. The 120 degree angle ensures that the light emitted by the LEDs will produce the maximum spread possible, fully illuminating your work space. The light covers an approximate 20 x 20 feet area, depending on how high you are hanging the light. 400 square feet of lighting for just 48 watts of power is a pretty good deal no matter how you look at it. The LEDs are covered by a frosted polycarbonate lens.

The stiff Polycarbonate material helps add to the durability of the light as it is rated for impact. Even if you bump the light with your head, or knock the light with a tool, the LEDs are safe behind the lens. The frosted lens helps to soften the light produced, so that you aren’t blinded by the 4700 lumens.

Gator Green LED

Light Produced

Most important in an LED Grow Room Work light is the type of light produced. The Gator Green Grow Room Work Light produces a very specific wavelength of light: 530nm. This 530nm wavelength of light corresponds to the color green within the visible light spectrum. Because plants use red and blue light for photosynthesis, they reflect green light (hence the green color of plants) and don’t use it in photosynthesis. Simulating a day/night cycle for your plants is important for their natural growth cycles. If you need to perform any work with or around the plants during their night cycle, it’s important to use a green light which won’t disturb the plants. The plants don’t absorb the green light from the Gator Green Work Room Light so your precious day and night cycle is preserved.

Gator Green LED

Final Words

When you’re doing any indoor horticulture, it’s important to simulate a normal day and night cycle for your plants to ensure healthy yields and to avoid unnecessarily stressing your plants. The Gator Green Grow Room Work Light is perfect for when you are doing anything in your grow room during the time that your plants think it is night time. Because the plants do not respond to green light, they do not recognize the green light being emitted as daylight and can remain “asleep” and undisturbed.

The Gator Green produces 4700 lumens, which is bright enough to make sure your entire work space is illuminated. The 18 LEDs produce a very specific 530nm green light, and emit at an angle of 120 degrees, providing a 400-square foot illuminated area. Not only does it produce a very large amount of visible light, but at a very low cost of energy, saving you money on your energy bill. The light operates using only 48 watts of power, up to 90% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. The light is small, light weight, and yet durable thanks to its aluminum construction. The light is easily installed and will look great in your growing space. If you are looking for a bright, durable green-light work light for your grow room, the Gator Green Grow Room Work Light is an excellent, affordable option.

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