Current Top Rated LED Grow Lights

The current trend of LED growing has only continued to grow over the last year. With the technology advancing at such a high rate, it’s now in everyone’s best interest to start growing with LED panels instead of your traditional high pressure sodium or metal halide HID setup. In fact, we uncovered five outstanding benefits to growing with LED lights that give further insight as to why they are a better choice.

If you’re searching for an LED grow light, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve spent the time to research and review several excellent LED grow light options that are available in 2016. Below you’ll find the current top rated LED grow lights that promise outstanding yields and massively reduced energy consumption.

Kind K5 XL1000 LED Grow Light

The Kind K5 XL1000 LED Grow Light is fully equipped to replace a 1000 watt HID lamp and surpass it with even better results. It covers a massive area of 60 x 60 inches (5′ x 5′), and provides a customizable blend of 12 spectrums and a multitude of other high end features that make it stand above the rest.

Kind K5 XL1000 LED Grow Light

The XL1000 has an amazing feature that mimics sunrise and sunset to give your plants the most realistic environment possible. With this, you can gently wake up and gently put to sleep your plants every day – automatically. Additionally, it’s backed by an impressive 3 year full warranty – making it a smart investment for the serious grower who wants outstanding results. If you’d like to learn more about it, be sure to read our full review of the Kind K5 XL1000.

California Light Works Solar Storm

California Light Works has created the Solar Storm LED panels to bring impressive results to your garden. Available in a wide range of varieties, you can find a Solar Storm panel that’s suitable for just about any size of indoor grow. Their smallest is the 220w version that’s designed to flower a 2′ x 2′ space, whereas their largest 880w version is suitable for flowering a 4′ x 4′ area.

Unlike some panels, the Solar Storm uses 5 watt diodes for powerful canopy penetration with the proper blend of intensity and spectrum for explosive vegetative or flowering growth. Additionally, the 440w and 880w versions have a UVB feature that provides an extra boost for the last couple weeks of the flowering stage.

Heliospectra LX601c and LX602

Heliospectra offers energy efficiency and some really neat integrated features like Wifi and Ethernet for remote monitoring and adjusting. With the ability to control the light without even touching it, you can individualy adjust the wavelength intensity within a matter of seconds, all through an easy to use online control interface. We can’t say we’ve seen something like this on any other grow light we’ve reviewed.

Heliospectra LX601c

These lights are built for uniform coverage in a 4 ft. x 4 ft. area and deliver a high PAR output for optimal photosynthesis. Two versions are available, either the LX601c or the LX602. Each is slightly different in spectrum but both are excellent for either vegging or flowering. Although ideal for indoor agriculture and commercial horticulture, research facilities and first time growers have all found a true liking for Heliospectra and the LED grow light fixtures they offer.

BML Spydr 1200

When thinking back to all of the LED grow lights we’ve reviewed, the BML Spydr 1200 really stands out. From first glance you’ll notice a difference in appearance from what your average LED grow light looks like. Even though it looks cool, looks don’t really matter – functionality and performance are what we truly care about – the Spydr 600 has both.

BML Spydr 1200 LED Grow Light

Designed to replace a 1000 watt HID, it’s designed to give you more PAR per dollar than most brands. But what truly stands out is it’s adjustable rack design. Twelve separate bars are built onto a sliding rack that enables you to spread out the light or concentrate the light in a fixed area. When the bars are pushed together, it’ll achieve incredible amounts of useful light. In fact, it can achieve an incredible PPFD reading up to 1000-1250 mmol/m2/s at a 12 inch mounting height.

BML Spydr 1200 LED Grow Light

One thing you’ll notice about the BML Spydr 1200 is that there aren’t any fans. None at all. The unique “spider-like” design keeps the heat from ever becoming a problem. So much that there isn’t a need for any cooling fans. Without any spinning parts, it means that this LED grow light will run insanely quiet and always perform without overheating.

Kind LED K3 L300

Kind LED K3 L300 Grow Light
Utilizing a unique 700 mA driving current, the Kind LED K3 L300 LED Grow Light offers twice as much light coverage and penetration than your standard 600 watt HID setup. It uses a proprietary blend of 12 different bands to give your garden 100% usable light so that none is ever wasted. Although it uses about half the power of a 600 watt Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium light, the Kind K3 L300 saves eenergy and promises outstanding results.

This panel is specifically designed to function quietly while still offering plenty of cooling to keep it running in optimum conditions for several years to come. To give added peace of mind, Kind includes a 3 year warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee – so you really cannot go wrong in choosing this panel.

King Plus Double Chip LED

Ideal for the indoor grower who wants an effective grow light, but doesn’t have a hefty budget to work with. Priced around $110 to $320, the King Plus Double Chip LED Grow Lights are available in several varieties for a wide range of coverage options.

King Plus Double Chip LED Grow Light

Rather than your typical single diode design, the King Plus LED panel has a unique “Double Chip” design that provides extra reliability with more light concentration. Equipped with “zener” protectors, you won’t have to worry about one individual diode burning out and causing the rest not to work. This design protects the inner circuitry so each diode runs independently and apart from each other.

The spectrum is of a proper balance with a wide range of wavelengths ranging from 410nm all of the way up to the infrared spectrum at 730nm. With colors in red, blue, white, yellow, ultra-violet, and infrared, the King Plus LED Grow Light is suitable for creating healthy, happy plants on a budget. It’s a highly rated and reviewed choice with the ability to replace a 400 to 600 watt HPS, depending on your specific panel choice.

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