Lush Lighting Lumenator 2x LED Grow Light Review

Chances are you’ve contemplated the possibility of starting your own garden but were held back by those initial high costs which might seem overwhelming as well as the fact that it takes time to learn everything. This is even harder if you’re starting out with regular HID (high intensity discharge) lighting systems because you have to look for ways to purchase additional cooling and ventilation systems. The good news is that innovative companies the likes of Lush Lightning are coming up with ways to address the needs of first-time indoor growers without putting a strain on your bank account.

Lush Lighting Lumenator 2x LED Grow Light

You’re probably curious about the history of Lush Lightning as to make sure their products are reliable/worth dealing with and the first thing you should know about them is that they’ve spent years looking into different materials and ways to engineer practical LED grow lights. Their CEO even said that it takes a great deal of knowledge in both chemistry and engineering to come up with innovative solutions hence when they designed their first products they made sure users can make use of them for at least 10 years. This is double the industry standard.

All their initial tests were centered around spectral irradiance responses under different voltages and as a result they managed to come up with exact ratios the plants use to absorb lighting from the sun while achieving photosynthesis. Adding to that, they’re constantly investing more in research so Lush is definitely a company you should consider working with if you’re into growing for the long term. They’re ahead of most manufacturers and also provide service here in the US so if you ever run into problems you won’t have to deal with vague foreign call centers.

Why The Lumenator 2x?

Well, the main reason you should consider the Lush Lighting Lumenator 2x LED Grow Light is because if you’re in the process of running your own grow plot, you’ll basically be using one of the first LED grow lights which was specifically engineered using biochemical research. Competing companies and products that seem comparable only do so on the surface and lack that depth of research/engineering standards that you’ll make use of for years down the line.

Lush Lighting Lumenator 2x LED Grow Light

The Lumenator will also offer you massive advantages compared to regular HID lights because it’s extremely powerful (all-adjustable), relatively small size and possible the cheapest operating costs of all. It delivers relative energy with precision and the color spectrum on it is impressive – it runs at only 190 W but if you compare it to a 600 W HID system, it packs more color punch. If you rely on HPS lamps exclusively they will get the job done by producing wavelengths that fall everywhere (only using yellow and red colors) and it ultimately won’t give you that all-important fuel responsible for growing the healthiest produce. The whole design of the Lumenator revolves around emulating natural sun rays and energy hence you’ll be feeding your plants a full spectrum of colors. You can achieve something similar using metal halide fixtures on HPS systems but it just won’t be the same.

Massive Versatility

You could argue a full color spectrum and saving money due to lower power consumption is standard across LED systems, but one of the best features on the Lumenator 2x is that you can use it for a range of different applications. For instance, you can use it on grow tents, small plots, outside the bloom room, post plant growth, etc. It also makes sense to purchase more than one unit and use them in a large garden room if you’re trying to bring down costs.

Lush Lighting Lumenator 2x LED Grow Light

Additionally, it’s going to save you money because you won’t have to bother swapping out lamps. If you have any experience with regular HID lamps, you probably know they have a certain mileage to them and will run out of gas after a year of usage. Conversely, the Lumenator will light up your garden space for at least 10 years while offering you 180k lumens of color spectrum.

Main Advantages/Features Summary:

  • Lush 3 year warranty (made and serviced in the US).
  • 90 day money back guarantee.
  • No need for a ballast, it’s basically a straightforward plug and grow unit.
  • The lights run cold and you won’t have to deal with overheating issues.
  • The light photons are 50% more energetic compared to HPS.

Lush Lighting Lumenator 2x LED Grow Light

The Verdict

What you’ll conclude the more you use the Lush Lighting Lumenator 2x LED Grow Light and especially if you compare it to other lighting systems is that your plants not only grow faster but are generally more content with the natural light. You can focus on growing more potent/healthier plants and not have to worry about overheating/having to replace features. If you’re put off by the initial investment in HID lighting systems but eager to start growing indoors, you couldn’t go wrong with the Lumenator.

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