Kind K3 L600 LED Grow Light Review

LED stands for light emitting diode – this technology is starting to become the first choice for new growers, mainly because it decreases electricity consumption and other overall risks are reduced by a landslide, compared to previous technology. Kind is among one of the leading LED grow light manufacturers, and for good reason. We took the time to review some of their best fixtures and we pointed out what makes them worth that initial investment with some of their top choices being the K3 L600, K5 XL1000 and K5 XL750. The K3 L600 in particular is mostly aimed at smaller growers and first-timers who want to see results fast but don’t have a large initial investment. For the price and range, it’s one of their best lamps so far.

Kind LED K3 L600 LED Grow Light

Even though Kind isn’t the sole company that growers associate with LED grow lights, many people love using Kind products because it was founded by experienced growers, not merely entrepreneurs trying to make a profit. They’ve had decades of combined experience prior to creating these top of the line fixtures and they’ve literally spent years developing the first few models. There are some serious advantages to using Kind LED grow lights and bear in mind these features don’t just sound good on paper, they completely live up to the promise. Right now we’ll look into some of the main advantages (and potential downsides) of the Kind K3 L600 LED Grow Light.

Extended Lifespan = More Bang For Your Buck

If you’re accustomed to working with fluorescent tubes, you’ll benefit largely from the extended lifespan Kind grow lights can offer you. Fluorescent tubes usually have a maximum lifespan of 20,000 hours, even though their efficiency starts dropping well beforehand. Contrast that to the average Kind LED grow light with a lifespan of roughly 50,000 hours and minus the loss of efficiency. This grow light basically allows you to completely focus your attention on the plants and watch them grow instead of having to count down to the next bulb change. Even if replacing bulbs is not that big of a deal for you, it’ll make the whole process more enjoyable with better lighting with an advanced and full spectrum that’s appropriate for all stages of plant growth and development.

Kind LED K3 L600 LED Grow Light

Use All The Electricity You Pay For

This is basically the main difference between a quality LED light and HID or fluorescent lighting – all these systems when put in place properly produce very powerful light, but there are inefficiencies and hindrances you have to deal with. For instance, the L600 will offer you 90% efficiency so you’ll be using up most of the energy you’re feeding to your plants and paying for each month. Compared to an HID setup, you’ll use up 50% less electricity to not only reduce your utility bills and provides the same intensity of light that’s required for producing the largest and smelliest flowers. A complete no-brainer.

Kind LED K3 L600 LED Grow Light

Maximize Your Yields

When you consider all of the advantages that the Kind L600 offers, energy efficiency, full spectrum light, support service, it all contributes towards the final product; you can expect higher yields and your work will be rewarded. We think this in itself makes the switch totally worth it because you’re not leaving optimum results up to chance, especially if you’re stuck with outdated lighting systems that just don’t impress.

Full Lighting Adjustability

The whole point of growing indoors using complex lighting systems is to replicate a natural environment that provides for optimal growth. Certain LED lights can’t be counted on for this purpose, but the Kind K3 L600 provides 12 different bands of light so you can easily adjust the light to your plant’s particular needs at a certain point in time. You’ll be covered for both vegetative and flowering stages. In fact, you can even use it for cloning and seedlings – just raise the light a bit to reduce the intensity.

Kind LED K3 L600 LED Grow Light

Cut Down On Costs

An increased lifespan (double compared to outdated systems) combined with energy efficiency means you’ll save money in the long run, but that one is obvious. The reason why we recommend you make the switch to LED growing is for the peace of mind you’ll get. Not having to replace bulbs (or worry about a point in time when you’ll have to!), run complex ventilation systems, etc. – you can think more about your growth strategy and what to do after instead of having to shell out thousands of dollars for minimal profits.

Kind LED K3 L600 LED Grow Light

Verdict And Potential Downsides

It’s not hard to see the complete set of benefits that the Kind K3 L600 LED Grow Light can provide – the downside to that is that it comes at a certain price and you’ll have to decide whether the long term savings and bettered yields are worth it to you. Overall, the value is excellent, if you decide to make the investment in a grow light like this, you won’t be looking back once you achieve the final results of your first successful LED grow.

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